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the anunnaki

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PostPosted: 18.05.2005 - 20:37    Post subject: the anunnaki Reply with quote

Laughing hi im emma
since i asked my dad when i was 8 who made us? and he said to me
"some people think a god made, us some people think we evolved, (and he went through every theory and then the last thing he said was) some people think we were monkeys and aliens came down and made us into humans"
and i was like omg wow but more seriously i was like that makes the most sense, so i had to look into this.
when i was 8 or 9 and i started learning about the eyptions and there "gods" then about the nazca lines and in Religous education class at school about all creation myths and all religious believes, and then as i got a bit older i started learning about evolution.
And i kept asking myself we have a brain unlike animals, we have emotions and dreams, we couldnt of evolved this because animals havent and they have not found the missing link which for fuck sake if darwin was right they would of found it by now.
i thought maybe the gods were the missing link all of our modern day religoins are based on the ancient sumerian believes (ancient iraq/ iran). i no alot about them becasue my granny use to say she was abducted by there gods lol but she was mad but she did introduced me to the subject of the ancient sumerians and she knew alot about them more than most which was weird but she also had a imagenary dog, so yeah. Anyway they chatted about some freaky shit, they called there gods the annunaki and said they came from PLANET called nibiru.
basicly they said we were genetically engineerd by them to be a slave race to mine gold, and as i said all storys from the holy books come from there storys,
jason martell www.xfacts.com can explain more and im sure if you have read any of sitchins books you will know what im on about
and i cant wait for the anunnaki movie
anyway what do you lot think about this and the space port on mars look it up
hi im emma by the way Very Happy
and is any1 goin 2 the mystery park for that thing in november there aint a english page up yet on danikens website so doed any1 no more about it
and sorry about my spellin i cnt b botherd to check
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